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Menon Tech offer world category Offshore IT and ITES Services that promotes the success of our customers by providing, innovative, price added applications and services, that will increase productivity, enhances the standard of shopper communications, and delivers highest level of support, in terms of client satisfaction, to various business sectors.

MenonTech have nonheritable excellence in delivering, an enhanced level of client satisfaction to our clients, by offering superior code Development, internet and Graphics design , BPO Services and KPO Services. we tend to ar committed to endeavor quality performance at any stage and in any respect times, could or not it's for attaining productivity through calls or by providing utmost client satisfaction. Our skilled expertise has educated United States of America that the success of our outsourcing firm, is the direct results of, our constant focus, on the attainment of "Your" business goals.

MenonTech Info Solutions Pvt Ltd.

works in conjunction with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune five hundred companies, creating triple-crown partnerships and selling formulas, that inturn yield profitable results and success to any or all the partners related to United States of America. Our sole purpose is to support you and continue our commitments in order to, not simply satisfy, but exceed your expectations.You will gain a major competitive advantage as all our employees ar dedicated to achieving "Your" goals, with an unflurried commitment to quality, and our thorough determination creates optimum conditions that ultimately leads to, success.

Internet Business Solutions

Given the internet penetration in the country and around the world, it's become a major and strategic concern for each organisation to make their internet identity.

Building an online identity for our client organization also as for their products has become our passion. we've got the deep understanding of the business method to judge the {requirement} of client requirement and also the passion towards the internet technologies and therefore the pros and cons of the technology.

At MenonTech we attempt to make a win – win propositions between client necessities and innovative internet business solutions. That’s why we have a tendency to follow a pragmatic approach in building internet business solutions. At

MenonTech we have a tendency to call it as IBS approach

Product innovation means that different things to completely different individuals. someone will assume in terms of a product which is “first of its kind”, except for America product innovation means that one thing client acceptableness. If your product isn't accepted and utilized by the client then it’s of no which means. merchandise has to bear innovation throughout its complete product life cycle in synch with the changing market place to differentiate from the competition, changing client expectations to meet their expectation and finally re invent within the product positioning, Marketability and convenience. the exceptional internet business growth demands for brand new dimension to the whole product innovation still as importance of reinventing the present product to synchronize with it to achieve client.

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Develop customer business by making your product reachable to people across the globe on an open market as well as on the controlled market through our own online platform. We believe in the formula of “ Smart Mind + Creative and encouraging environment + Value proposition = product development”

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Design and develop suitable marketing solutions to your product in a technology platform and in a most economical way to reach your target audience Product marketing has been a crucial and complex part of any kind of business. It wouldn’t make sense if you have innovative product, but unable to market it enough to make people aware of it.
With the increase use of internet users and innovative gadgets like tablets and smart phones reaching every people in the corner of the country, the way we marker our product as to change and innovate in its approach to reach the customers.

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Design and Develop a complete product management solutions for your product to make it presence in the internet and mobile platformAt MenonTech we offer end to end Product management solutions to our customers starting to product innovation to Product Launching. We understand the product life cycle management of any product in and internet business scenario given the highly volatile and changing dynamics.

We will provide solutions at every phase of the PLC by working proactively with the technology changes and customer expectations

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Our Services

Web Designing

On the web, a business is competitory against thousands of internet sites, all doing constant style of business. Your web site must stand out from this crowd. you wish a website that's intuitive, informative and efficient.

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Web Development

MenonTech Solutions as a number one name within the internet Development trade provides the most various style of professional internet style and Development services.We square measure tracking the success path at a lightning speed.

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There ar basic techniques for obtaining higher rankings within the search engines. including appropriate keywords on your website is extraordinarily important because the search engines ar text-centric.

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Our Clients

MenonTech Solutions has created uncounted triple-crown, easy, and visually stunning websites and web application interfaces since 2010 for people, small, medium, and large businesses, and non-profit organizations. We’ve additionally created obvious, fast-loading web graphics, stunning and easy-to-use custom templates for those that want to create their own websites, and we’ve provided consulting and coaching to people and businesses. Our goal is to create positive that each of our shoppers is totally elated with the results of our work along.