Training is our passion

Platform to work on real time projects

Training and development is our passion and not our profession. That’s why we at MenonTech always wanted to innovate the training process that has been used by most where there is a lack of expertise, process and innovation in learning.

We had built the training and development process based on our experience with the training institutes around the corner to the institutes with a professional touch. Then we found there is a gap between what and how people teach in institutes and what actually needed in the organization

At MenonTech we innovate a platform where people will learn and work. We differentiate in the process of learning by building value in each step of the learning process to make sure the students learn what they need to learn.






Learning the technology can be every ones cup of tea, but to present the learning to the recruiter is not.  At MenonTech we will not only train you on the technology, but will make you ready for Market. MenonTech brings in the innovation in developing talents to make them ready and visible to the employers. We know what we want to candidates hence we prepare people for that