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Product Innovation

Product innovation means different things to different people.  Somebody can think in terms of a product which is “first of its kind”, But for us product innovation means one thing customer acceptability.   If your product is not accepted and used by the customer then it’s of no meaning. Products needs to undergo innovation during its complete product life cycle in synch with the changing market place to differentiate from the competition, changing customer expectations to meet their expectation and finally re invent in the product positioning, Marketability and availability

The phenomenal internet business growth demands for new dimension to the complete product innovation as well as importance of reinventing the existing product to synchronize with it to reach customer.

Product Innovation process

Inspiwhite by the Google’s way of product innovation where the product was kept simple to for user acceptability but to give the value more than expected, at MenonTech we give more preference to user centric design and creativity.

That’s how our product innovation process is framed

Product Scoping

Build Business Case

Product Development

Experiment & Iteration

Product Launch